FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Minimum Order?

Our merchandise minimum order is $100.00 (US$).

Ok, I've registered my business. How do I activate Wholesale Pricing?

The activation of Reseller Pricing is not automatic..but can be accomplished in just 3 easy steps!  Step #1: Register your business and create a unique log in for your online account. Step #2: If you are a qualified reseller, contact us by phone (417-334-0988) or by email at anita@henrybrandt.com.  We will send you a request for resale documents. Generally, we require 2 documents on file: 1)  A resale certificate and/or a Streamlined Certificate of Exemption appropriate for your state and 2) A copy of your retail license or certificate. Step #3: Send us the documents we requested. Upon receipt, please allow us some time for review and processing. Once we have verified the documents, you will receive an email that Reseller Pricing has been activated for your account.

Do I have to provide my resale information every time I place an order?

No. We will ask to you update your information only as required by state law. Laws vary by state; be sure to check your resale license for expiration dates! HOWEVER...even though you may see your wholesale pricing without logging in (depending on browser settings) you must log in with your user name and password for your shopping cart to reflect the reseller pricing.  Be sure to refresh your screen/cart to make sure!

How do I know when Reseller Pricing has been activated?

Once we have received your resale information and all of your documents have been verified, we will send you an email to let you know that Reseller Pricing has been activated. When you are ready to place an order, log into your account at www.henrybrandt.com.  Click on any item.  You will see the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price, the Discount Price, and in bold red, you will see the "Qualified Buyers Wholesale Price". In addition, many items are also available at further discounts when ordering larger quantities. When these discounts are available, the discount options are shown in bold red just below the Qualified Buyers Wholesale Price. Please note that depending on browser settings, you may SEE these prices without logging in to your account.  However, you must log in to your account and refresh your screens for the pricing to be reflected in your shopping cart!  If you are having any difficulty, give us a call at (417) 334-0988 and we will be happy to assist you.

Is your shopping cart secure?

Henry Brandt & Company, Inc. / HenryBrandt.com subscribes to Pinnacle Cart for its shopping cart services. Pinnacle Cart has made every effort to ensure active site security in those areas where personal information is requested. Prior to completing any order, you should always take precautions to verify active SSL Encryption by: 1) clicking on the VeriSign (or similar) icon for quick and easy confirmation the SSL Certificate; 2) looking for the closed lock icon or unbroken key icon (depending on your web browser) at the top or bottom of your web browser; or 3) checking the address in the URL line of your web browser. When you are in a secure area, the first letters of the site will change from "http:" to "https:".

Why does my credit card show more than one transaction from Henry Brandt & Company for just one order?

For most orders processed, two transactions are generated by our accounting department: 1) an authorization (to hold the funds) and 2) a Settlement (to complete the transaction). The order is authorized for the amount of the merchandise and (if applicable) an estimate of any shipping charges. The order is then sent to the warehouse for shipping. When a final total is obtained for the merchandise and shipping, your order is invoiced and your credit card is then settled for the actual amount of the invoice. Depending on the credit card company, any amount that is left on the initial authorization should drop off your account within a few days.

Can I use my credit card for shipments outside of the United States?

Payment for your order by credit card is available only to those accounts that hold a credit card with a United States billing address. Otherwise, companies from outside of the United States must pay via Wire Transfer or with a Cashier's Check or Money Order that is drawn on a U.S. Bank. Our accounting department will contact you with regards to payment prior to the shipment of your order.

How much will it cost to ship my order?

Shipment costs depend on a variety of factors including weight, dimensions, destination address, and type of product shipped - but it does not depend on the cost of the product purchased! The price of the product can be discounted, but you just can't discount the weight or the dimensions of the product! The shopping cart will estimate the shipping charges for an order that weighs less than 150 lbs. The estimate in the shopping cart will display the maximum shipping charges for your order; please keep in mind that the actual charges may be less than the estimate, and if applicable, will be adjusted accordingly prior to the final processing of the order payment. For orders over 150 lbs, our office will contact you with shipping options, such as Fed Ex Multi-Weight Service, LTL freight service, or if available, pallet rate service. Upon your approval of the freight estimate, we will proceed with the processing of your order.

If I placed my order today, when would my order be ready to ship?

Generally, an order should be shipped within 1-5 days of the receipt of the order. During some holiday seasons and directly following trade shows, delays of a few extra days are to be expected. Other factors that may delay your order from timely shipment include inclement weather, or if we need to contact you regarding shipping or payment information. HINT: The more accurate and complete information we have, the more quickly the order will process!

Once my order is shipped, can I track the order online?

Customers whose orders are shipped via Fed Ex Ground are sent an emailed invoice with tracking numbers for easy online tracking at fedex.com. The invoice is always emailed to the address you provided with your online order. If your order ships via a truck line, a copy of your Bill of Lading will be forwarded to you with your final invoice. The Pro Number on the bill of lading is your tracking number on the freight line's website.

Do you send out catalogs or sales flyers?

We do not have a printed catalog of the merchandise currently available for sale. Due to the nature of the majority of our merchandise - closeouts - the quantity of each item is limited to the stock on hand. We do send email newsletters with details about upcoming trade shows, new merchandise, special promotions, and more! Once you have registered on our site, you are added to our email list automatically, but if you would like to be on the list without registering, enter your email address below "Newsletters" on the home page of our website. You can unsubscribe at any time!

Can I visit you at a trade show or do you have a wholesale showroom?

Henry Brandt & Company, Inc. attends a variety of wholesale trade shows throughout the year--perhaps in a city close to you! We would love to meet you! Please click About Us at the top or bottom of any page of our website for the current wholesale showroom and trade show schedule, or give us a call at (417) 334-0988 to make a sales appointment at our next event!

Do you offer Drop Ship services?

No, sorry. Drop Ship services are not available.

I don't have the resale documents needed to open a Qualified Reseller Account. Can I still buy from you?

Yes. Purchases can be made on our site by any business or non-profit organization without qualifying your account as a reseller. Exception: Entities located in Illinois must be Qualified Wholesale Accounts only, no exceptions. Accounts in the state of Missouri will be charged sales tax on both merchandise and shipping costs.  For all other states (except Illinois-see above), please note that buyers with non qualified reseller accounts are responsible for the remittance of any sales or use tax that may be due in the state in which they reside, so be sure to check with your financial adviser to ensure that you are in compliance. Our minimum order is $100.00, regardless of account.

If I start an order in your shopping cart, can I save it and finish it at a later date?

Absolutely! Depending on your browser settings, your orders can be saved in your registered account to be accessed at a later time. Please note, however, that saving the order does not guarantee the availability of the item(s) in that order. All merchandise offered by Henry Brandt & Company is subject to prior sale. Please note that individual computer settings may affect what is saved in your online account.

Are Quantity Discounts available?

Even though virtually all of our merchandise is priced below regular wholesale, from time to time we will offer single carton discounts to pallet discounts to full trailerload discounts! Qualified Reseller Accounts: Make sure that you log into your account before you begin to order! Log into your account, then click on any item to check for discount options available for that item.  Sign up for our email blasts for flash sales, additional percent off promo codes, and other specials NOT advertised on the website!

I want to re-order an item, but I can't find it on the website. Is it still available?

If the item is no longer listed on the website that means that the item is sold out. With closeouts, the quantity available is limited to quantity on hand - when it's gone, it's gone! Hurry! What you see online today may be gone by tomorrow! Please don't hesitate to give our office a call at (417) 334-0988 to check availability on any item - we are here to serve you!

What is an "E.O.S." and why can't I order more than 1 carton?

"E.O.S." = End Of Stock. When less than one master carton of an item is left in stock, it is then offered as a "Buy All" in our E.O.S. category. You get the opportunity to buy the quantity remaining in stock at our lowest price! Remember...only 1 carton is available for purchase! This is one of our most popular promotions and items sell quickly - first come, first served!